• Carbatec 200mm Spiral Head Benchtop Jointer with Euro Guard
  • Carbatec 200mm Spiral Head Benchtop Jointer with Euro Guard
  • Carbatec 200mm Spiral Head Benchtop Jointer with Euro Guard
  • Carbatec 200mm Spiral Head Benchtop Jointer with Euro Guard
  • Carbatec 200mm Spiral Head Benchtop Jointer with Euro Guard

Carbatec 200mm Spiral Head Benchtop Jointer with Euro Guard

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A generously sized machined alloy table and tilting fence that's designed for lighter duty applications - this jointer provides ample power. Factory fitted with a spiral cutterhead, its 16x HSS cutter inserts have two sharp cutting edges, which can be rotated and easily replaced when required. Spinning at 10000rpm, the six row cutterhead leaves a fine finish on even cranky grain. Cutters may also be upgraded to the precision edge and harder wearing carbide inserts.

The wider 8" planing capacity is matched nicely with wide, low friction alloy in/outfeed tables and both feature extendable work supports to help you manage the longer work you would expect to be doing on this size machine. The supports are adjustable so they run parallel to your feed tables.

Perfect for almost any professional or heavy hobby workshop. A well positioned 4" dust chute ensures effective dust extraction (must be connected to a dust collector or shop vac). Pivoting cutterhead guard, NVR safety switch and the included two pushblocks will help to keep you safe. The infeed and outfeed tables are factory set but are fully adjustable for important coplaner alignment. This is a feature normally found on our larger, full size cast iron machinery.

Lightweight, portable and an extremely good performer. The optional stand (CT-BX-STAND) is made to perfectly match this machine and is pre-drilled to accept the supplied mounting bolts, so it can be added as a more permanent solution to your workshop.

Spiral vs Helical - Confusion abounds:
Because the two terms are used in different ways (and interchanged at time) here is our Carbatec definition.

Helical (or true helical) Cutterheads feature rows of cutters that are wrapped around the cutterhead in a very definite helix shaped row. The cutters or inserts are set at an angle to your workpiece, which gives them a very clean shear cutting action. The cutters will have a slight radius cutting edge, to help eliminate lines in your work and increase this shear action.

Spiral Cutterheads on the other hand, generally feature blades arranged around the cutterhead, perpendicular to the workpiece (not angled), configured so as the cutterhead spins, the next cutter along will be in contact the work. As this repeats, the cutting action happen in a spiral path.

The difference? Many reviews around the world say that with smaller portable machines, Spiral offers a near equivalent cut without the added cost of Helical. With larger cast iron workshop machinery, True Helical cutterheads reign supreme. Thats why Carbatec only offer you the very best option.

1. NZ machines are sold with bridge guards over the cutter rather than the swinging guard shown in the video.
2. The overhand planing function of this machine is commonly called a jointer as it is for creating straight and square edges for joints between boards. This overhand operation has also been called a "Buzzer" due to the noise made by straight knife machines. Many people refer to these machines where timber travels over the top of the cutter as Buzzers.

Features and Benefits Video - https://youtu.be/zco_Y9vWLFQ?list=PLqHA-G_4z9O7wjbwpuUVubcrvxkhcSq6K Note video shows US blade guard. Machine is supplied with NZ approved blade guard.

* 1200W Motor
* 10000rpm high spin rate
* 6 row spiral cutterhead
* 16x HSS Insert cutters (optional carbide available)
* 4" dust chute
* NVR Safety Switch
* 2Yr warranty

Brand Carbatec
Warranty 2 Years
Motor 1100W (1-1/2 HP) Universal - Regular 10A Plug
Switch Type Magnetic Switch NVR
Blade Guard Pivoting
Cutterhead Spiral - 16 HSS cutters
Dust Port/s 4"
Fence Tilt 0° / 45° (adjustable)
Table width 200mm
Alloy Table length 780mm
Extended length 1310mm
Workshop footprint 880L x 530w x 320h (smallest)
Rabbeting Capacity N/A
Speed 10,000rpm
Stand Included Or Integral Optional extra
Machine Weight 25kg
Shipping Weight 28kg

* Dust Chute
* Manual
* Tools
* 2 x Push Blocks
* Tilting Fence
* In/Outfeed extension

Optional stand - CT-BX-STAND

Replacement cutters - BLADE-CT330X (High Speed Steel)

Replacement cutters - CTI-143320-Z2 (Tungsten)

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