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  • Deluxe 6in Jointer JN-150C NZ Guard

Deluxe 6in Jointer JN-150C NZ Guard

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Features & Benefits

* Powerful 750W - 1HP motor
* Built-in castors help you position the machine easily
* Fully enclosed base with integrated dust chute
* Cast iron table and fence


New code same product. The CTJ-196 has been replaced by the JN-150C

The Carbatec Jointer is a heavy duty machine designed to flatten one face and one edge of timber. Running your boards across the jointer in this way are the first two steps in planing timber, a thicknesser is then used to plane the second face parallel to the first. To dimension boards correctly you need both machines to achieve square edges that are at right angles to each other and a board that is at the correct thickness before other machining operations can be performed.

The jointer features a powerful 750W (1HP) motor that is mounted within the fully enclosed base, along with an integral mobile base, centre-mounted heavy-duty rack and pinion fence, three-knife cutterhead and NVR Stop Switch. A truly professional machine suitable for any DIY or trade workshop.

NOTE - NZ machines are sold with Bridge Guards over the cutter rather than the swinging guard shown in the photos.

Product Specifications
Brand Carbatec
Motor 0.75kW (1.0HP) Induction, 10A plug
Switch Type Magnetic NVR
Blade Guard Bridge Guard (different to one in image)
Cutterhead Straight 3 knife
Dust Port 1 x 100mm
Fence Tilt 45°/90°/ + 45°
Positive Stops 45° & 90°
Rabbeting Capacity 15mm
Stand Included Or Integral Enclosed Cabinet
Table Size 1180mm x 150mm
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 1180mm x 710mm x 960mm
Warranty Period 3 Years
Shipping Weight 116Kg
Nett Weight 105Kg

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