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  • NAW Fundraising Raffle - win a woodturning lathe.

    Date: 16-Jul-2020
    Raffle to win an Orion Lathe to fundraise for the National Association of Woodworkers.
  • Nova Viking Drill Press has arrived

    Date: 15-Jan-2020
    Introducing the latest release from Nova’s innovative DVR line-up, the Nova Viking! This new heavy duty benchtop model brings DVR technology in a drill press to any workshop, with a lower price point than ever before.
  • GRASPEGO - Endless Gripping Options

    Date: 25-Nov-2019
    Introducing Graspego - Woodworkers know well the difficulties of holding unusually shaped objects for working and gluing procedures
  • Product Recall - AF-2000 Room Air filter

    Date: 05-Apr-2019
    Carbatec New Zealand is recalling AF-2000 Room Air Filters sold between Nov 2017 and March 2019. These machines need some minor modification and then to be electrically tested (Tested and Tagged). Please click on title above.
  • Product Recall - JET Bandsaws 2017-2019

    Date: 23-Mar-2019
    Carbatec New Zealand is recalling Jet Bandsaws models JWBS-15M, JWBS-18M and JWBS-20M sold between May 2017 and March 2019. These machines need to be electrically tested (Tested and Tagged) and repaired if necessary. Please click on title above.
  • Festool's new CT pre-separator CT-VA-20 has arrived

    Date: 25-Dec-2018
    This exciting new product uses cyclone style technology to separate high volumes of dust and chips before it enters your Festool CT dust extractor.
  • Carbatec branded router bits on clearance

    Date: 24-Dec-2018
    We are clearing some old stock of CarbaTec branded router bits at discounted prices. Please see the "Specials" section on the home page.
  • Woodcut Mill Drill for salt and pepper grinders

    Date: 16-Dec-2018
    Just added a new Video for this fabulous tool from Woodcut Tools
  • Teknatool NOVA Voyager

    Date: 19-Nov-2018
    19 Nov 2018. We have very low stock of the very popular Nova Voyager Drill Press. We expect to run out before Christmas. More stock is on the way, due here in the second half of January.
  • Festool menu on website

    Date: 16-Nov-2018
    Today we have reconfigured the website so that all Festool products are under a single Festool menu.
  • New Forstner Bit 15 piece set has arrived

    Date: 11-Nov-2018
    After an absence of some time we finally have Forstner Bit sets back in stock.
  • New Teknatool curved tool rests have arrived

    Date: 07-Nov-2018
    The new Teknatool Nova curved Toolrests for the modular system have arrived.
  • TSO Guide Rail Squares Now Available in NZ

    Date: 03-Aug-2017
    There's no quicker way to square your FESTOOL®, MAKITA® & TRITON® track saws. Until now, accessories for squaring up your track saw guide rail relied on the loose-tolerance T-slot found on just about every guide rail. To overcome this inherent inaccuracy, you had to rely on a separate reference square, plus a combination of loose parts like T-bars, hex bolts, knobs or wingnuts. Not any longer! The patent-pending GRS-16 PE are completely self-contained and self-aligning, thanks to an innovative, high strength integral draw latch mechanism. Simply slide the GRS-16 PE onto your guide rail, lock the draw latch, and you're done. Five seconds to square. Once secured to your guide rail, squareness can be quickly verified by observing the zero-clearance attachment between the square and guide rail. Click on this link to view
  • Product Recall - Carba-Tec RT-660 Router Table

    Date: 16-Nov-2016
    Carbatec New Zealand is recalling RT-660 Router Tables sold between July 2012 and October 2016. We are recalling the Router Table switch unit only (which is attached to one leg) to have its wiring checked and corrected if necessary. If you have one of these Router Tables please click on the recall title above to read the recall notice.