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  • Replacement Blade to Suit Z-150S
  • Replacement Blade to Suit Z-150S

Replacement Blade to Suit Z-150S

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A replacement single-sided Japanese pull cut saw blade, to suit the Z-150S Single Sided Flush Cut saw.

These blades are specially designed with no ‘set’ to the tooth profile. What does this mean? It allows you to sit the face of the blade, flush against your material and trim excess away, without scratching the surface!

The set on most saws means the teeth are splayed wider than the blade material. If used for flush cutting, this can adversely scratch your workpiece. To avoid this, some lift the blade up off the surface, but this risks cutting into your piece accidentally due to the angle, or leaves more of the trimmed piece remaining that you need to remove another way.

The beauty of these blades are that they are ultra-thin, providing excellent flexibility, combined with the scratch-free flush-cutting action that leaves so little behind, a quick touch up with a scraper or sanding block is all you need!

Designed and manufactured in Japan, with a fine 21TPI tooth pitch and traditional Japanese pull-stroke action.

*NB: This listing is for a replacement blade only.

Brand Topman
Teeth Per Inch (Tpi) 21

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