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  • Carbatec 13 inch Spiral Head Benchtop Thicknesser
  • Carbatec 13 inch Spiral Head Benchtop Thicknesser
  • Carbatec 13 inch Spiral Head Benchtop Thicknesser
  • Carbatec 13 inch Spiral Head Benchtop Thicknesser
  • Carbatec 13 inch Spiral Head Benchtop Thicknesser

Carbatec 13 inch Spiral Head Benchtop Thicknesser

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$1,449.00 inc GST


Features & Benefits

* 26 HSS spiral blades, each blade has two cutting edges
* Minimum stock thickness of 3.2mm
* Maximum stock thickness of 150mm
* Dust port 100mm or 63mm using the reducer included
* Pressure depth gauge
* Pre-set depth settings
* Maximum cutting width 330mm
* Polyurethane rollers will not damage workpieces
* Lightweight – compact design means it can be moved easily


We have updated the look & product code of our CT-330X (now TH-BX330P), however be assured, all specifications of this machine are the same as our tried and tested CT-330X.

This machine is an excellent addition to your workshop and does not take up the space that a full-size machine does.

Dual size dust ports of 100mm or 63mm mean either a dust extractor or Shop Vac type vacuum can be used with this machine. If you are opting for the dust collector we recommend a 2HP machine be paired with this thicknesser. The tool compartment has a spot for all the tools required for this machine, so they will never become lost.

Twenty six (26) High Speed Steel blades are fitted to the head as standard and will cope with softer timbers. Should you be working harder, more dense timbers then upgrade to the tungsten blades that are available as an optional extra. When making comparisons between the blades keep in mind that tungsten will hold the edge longer than HSS yet HSS is sharper first up. It really is a choice by the user to get the right blades for the job. The blades are easily fitted and changed meaning there is no need for fiddly setups or jigs.

There are three ways of determining the depth of cut on this machine. Firstly, and the most obvious is the scale indicating the height of the head in relation to the table underneath, this is adjustable. Second is the pressure gauge, when the head is lowered onto the workpiece, the pressure sensor lifts the needle indicating how much timber would be removed if planned at a particular setting.

And the third is the pre-set heights giving this machine an edge over the competition! On the end of the machine there are presets that take you directly to the desired thickness. These are set at 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" (3.18mm, 6.35mm, 12.7mm, 19.05mm, 25.4mm, 31.75mm, 38.1mm and 44.45mm). All of these combined make getting your piece of timber planned to the thickness you want, easily, without guessing or using external tools like calipers or a tape.

Advised cut depth up to 1 mm for up to 151 mm wide and 0.5 mm up to 330 mm wide.

If hardwoods are intended to be used with this machine, Tungsten blades are recommended.

* The use of dust extraction is required for this machine to remove the build-up of saw dust around the cutter head. The use of a 2HP dust collector is the most effective method.

An optional stand is available at extra cost - please see CT-BX-STAND.

Product Specifications
Brand Carbatec
Motor 1.8kW (2.4HP) Brushed, 10A plug
Cutterhead Segmented Spiral - 2 sided blades
Dust Port 100mm or 63mm (4" or 2.5")
Infeed/Outfeed Roller Polyurethane
Maximum Cutting Width 330mm
Maximum Depth Of Cut 1.5mm in softer timbers, with a narrow cut
Mininum Stock Thickness 3.2mm
Maximum Stock Thickness 150mm
Table Material Pressed Metal
Table Size 330mm x 860mm
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 860mm x 700mm x 500mm
Feed Rate 8m/min
Warranty Period 2 Years
Shipping Weight 42Kg
Nett Weight 38Kg

Replacement Blades (Tungsten) BLADE-CT-330XT
Replacement Blades (HSS) BLADE-CT-330
Optional stand (not included) PS-330

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