• Carbatec CDC-850P 2-stage Cyclone Dust Extractor
  • Carbatec CDC-850P 2-stage Cyclone Dust Extractor
  • Carbatec CDC-850P 2-stage Cyclone Dust Extractor

Carbatec CDC-850P 2-stage Cyclone Dust Extractor

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A cyclone dust collector works very differently to a traditional bagged type collector; This Professional model features many features found on larger industial units, but with a far smaller footprint, designed to power smaller workshops collection systems, while sill being mobile enough to move form machine to machine if you prefer. The included remote control will allow you to switch you collecor on, off as required, or to switch on for a set period. We have also included the unique choice of a bag, or bagless collection system. Reusable plastic bags in your collection drum are quick and convenient for waste disposal, but do become waste themselves at some point in the future. Mindful of your impact on our planet, we have designed our cyclone collector to run with or without these collection bags. Simply remove the integrated bag retention system and utilise the mobile drum itself as your collector.

A cyclone has separate impeller housing, attached to the top of a cone-shaped funnel. The sole purpose of the impeller is to create a high volume air flow, which is drawn through the cone, creating a higher pressure vortex (or cyclone) of incoming air. This fast spinning air within the funnel separates the heavier wood chips and large dust particles from the fine dust, causing them to drop into the collection drum below (Stage 1). The very fine dust, and the clean air, pass through or are collected by a very fine, pleated cartridge filter (Stage 2). This two-stage process of separating the material reduces the rate at which the filter will clog up. This reduced clogging allows more air through the collector system.

Our standard cyclones are highly efficient at removing dust particles down as fine as 1 micron, in fact, 99% efficient!. Another advantage in this design is that the wood chips don't come into contact with the impeller (which would normally disrupt the airflow, dropping efficiency). This means that cyclones are often rated at lower CFMs (compared to traditional collectors), but the actual airflow and pressure in the dust network is kept running at its maximum for much longer.

  • 850CFM (peak - Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • 1500W (2HP) motor handles multiple machines simultaneously
  • Wireless remote controller, for workshop convenience.
  • Pleated spun-bond polyester filters provide maximum surface area for efficient air flow and catch 99.9% of particles to 1micron in size.
  • Easy lid lifting levers and quick release latches make emptying the collection drum a breeze
  • Drum system can be set up for use with removable bags, or in bagless configuration
  • Compact, portable design makes it easier to move around your workshop as required
  • Separate castors included on the collection drum make moving the drum around easier for emptying
  • Simple to operate filter cleaning handle

Brand Carbatec
Motor 1500W (2 HP) Induction - Regular 10A Plug
Collection Bag Capacity 118L
Dust Port/s 3x 100mm or 1x 200mm
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 1200 x 660 x 1750 mm
Weight 88kg
Maximum Airflow 850CFM (peak)

This dust collector is only intended for collecting wood dust and chips from woodworking machines. Do not use this dust collector to collect metal, dirt, pebbles, drywall, asbestos, lead paint, silica, liquids, aerosols, or any flammable, combustible, or hazardous materials.

The diameter of the hose and complexity of your dust network can directly influence the performance of your dust collection system; Hoses that are too small in diameter, or too abruptly reduced from a large diameter, can result in poor air flow and potential blockages. Flexible hoses that are run over long distances will also result in poor air flow and dust can build up in the hoses. Changing hose sizes and lengths (increase or decrease) affects system air flow and static pressure in different ways. Changing corrugated or flexible hose, to smooth rigid ducting will have a positive effect on airflow efficiency.

Consider one or all of these improvements:
Shortening and limiting the runs of flexible hose (in favour of rigid ducting) can reduce your loss in air flow.
Alter the layout of your workshop, so the heavy waste producers are closer to your collector.
Step down your hose diameters gradually, and further away from the collector. This keeps a good balance between air flow and pressure.
Avoid increasing hose diameters, as air flow, and pressure are both reduced.

Consumables; Use FM-230-PCB for the filter plastic bag and PCB-800XL for the drum collection bag.

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