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  • Hamlet Bowl Gouge 12mm / 1/2in Long Grind

Hamlet Bowl Gouge 12mm / 1/2in Long Grind

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Hamlet code HCT084LG

Milled from a round bar; this bowl gouge is finely tuned to allow you to make excellent blows; heavy profile cuts or delicate finishing cuts.

Made in Sheffield; England from the highest quality M2 High Speed Steel.

Shaft is 16.4mm diameter

Flute is about 9mm tip to tip.

Handle 14inch or 350mm

Total length is about 600mm

Side Grind (Fingernail Profile/Long Grind Bowl Gouge) This type of chisel gives a greater cutting tip area. With its increased flexibility allowing for "pull cuts" avoiding catching the lathe bed. Used for heavy profiling cuts and fine, delicate shearing cuts

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