• BOW GuidePro Anchor Bar
  • BOW GuidePro Anchor Bar
  • BOW GuidePro Anchor Bar
  • BOW GuidePro Anchor Bar

BOW GuidePro Anchor Bar

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For Use only with the GuidePRO from Bow Products. Only usable as an add-on to the GuidePRO (sold separately).

GuidePRO Anchor Bar - Adapts the GuidePRO to Lock Down in a Miter Slot. Ideal for repetitive feeds or consistent cuts of similar material. The GuidePRO comes standard with the Miter Cam that is designed for fast set up and excellent feed benefits for Band Saw cuts. In some shops however, GuidePRO users want the benefits of the GuidePRO, but as a fixed position tool. The GuidePRO Anchor Bar locks the GuidePRO in place so you don’t have to reposition the tool with each cut.

The GuidePRO Anchor Bar also extends the use of the GuidePRO to the Router and Table Saw. The cutting or blade action is different on a Router or Table Saw than on the Band Saw where the blade moves down into the table. NOTE: The Anchor Bar is required when using the GuidePRO on a Router or Table Saw to lock the tool in place for your safety and the safety of your tools. The GuidePRO Anchor Bar can be set for a left or right feed on these machines.

GuidePRO Anchor Bar Installation

The GuidePRO Anchor features a 19mm or ¾” expanding Miter Bar with locking knobs. The Anchor Bar has slots to mount to the GuidePRO base. Simply use the Allen wrench provided and unscrew the Miter Cam. Use the same screw to attach the Anchor Bar. Note that the Anchor bar has two Boss options for a left or right feed, depending on use. Fit the selected Boss angle into the slot at the bottom of the GuidePRO base and screw in place. The slot in the GuidePRO base allows the same positioning range for the GuidePRO to the fence.

*GuidePro BOW-GP5 is required for this accessory and Sold Separately.

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