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  • Continuous Sweeping Clock Movement - 7mm Shaft

Continuous Sweeping Clock Movement - 7mm Shaft

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These new movements have a second hand that moves in a smooth continuous motion, rather than the stepping motion of most quartz movements. This change not only affects the appearance of the clocks you make, but continuous sweep movements also have the added benefit of being more quiet. You will not hear the "clicking" sound every second.

CHOICE of over 40 pairs of hour and minute hands & sweeping second hands available. You can find them from our website if you wish to purchase together. Please do not assume that any clock hands you have that were purchased elsewhere will fit, as the mounting holes are not standardized.

These continuous sweep movements will operate a second hand, but second hands are considered optional. They 5/16" (0.80 cm) shaft diameter so a 3/8" (0.965 cm) mounting hole is the correct size to drill in your case, which is 7mm long.

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