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  • Otoro 300mm Precision Clamp
  • Otoro 300mm Precision Clamp
  • Otoro 300mm Precision Clamp
  • Otoro 300mm Precision Clamp

Otoro 300mm Precision Clamp

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Introducing the Otoro Precision Clamp

The unique design of the Otoro Precision Clamp sees a traditional sliding arm freely moveable (like regular clamps), but without the usual intrusive clamping handle or lever. All clamping is done external to the clamping area giving easy access to tight spaces but also ease of use in any position.

The usual fixed upper arm is instead pivot-mounted and also features a pivoting jaw, allowing effective and secure clamping of non-parallel work and odd shapes. The thumb screw butterfly locking knob has a very tactile feel and very fine adjustment of clamping pressure, with up to up to 150kg maximum clamping force. Unlike standard screw type clamps, the lower jaw isn't fighting against the foot pad or twisting against your work (causing it to shift unexpectedly). The flat clamping pressure is consistent across the faces through all clamping positions and pressures.

Designed in Japan, and manufactured in Taiwan from steel and die cast alloy (and with replaceable soft plastic jaw faces), these clamps are not affected by UV and wont stress, stretch or let you down.


Accurate clamping pressure through butterfly knob
Featherlight touch, through to 150kg clamp pressure
External tension knob allows clamping in awkward spaces
Pivoting arm and jaw for odd shapes
Even clamping pressure and no twisting


Clamping Force 150kg
Clamp Opening 300mm
Clamp Throat Depth 100mm

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