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  • Sorby Ecentric Chuck RS60 insert version

Sorby Ecentric Chuck RS60 insert version

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Usually wobble in turning is not good!

Introducing the Robert Sorby Eccentric Chuck - the most sophisticated chuck for multi-centre turning!

Ease and accuracy of adjustment (without removing the workpiece from the chuck) is provided by the unique offset boss which accommodates the three different driving components on which to mount your workpieces, viz:-

1 - Screwchuck
2 - Ball drive and socket
3 - Faceplate

The Eccentric Chuck provides the means of driving from the headstock with or without tailstock support. The boss can be off-set incrementally by 1ΒΌ" (30mm) from zero datum point.

Create a multitude of off-centre turned items to stand out from the crowd!

* High Quality Material and Construction
* Precision machining means accuracy and control during off centre turning
* Creates decorative and unique turned objects!
* *NB: Requires an insert (Nova inserts fit this chuck - ensure you pick the right one for your lathe)

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