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Shoulder Vice

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Shoulder vice hardware looks similar to a Tail vice, but is additional components allow it to be front mounted, and configured as an alternative to a front vice. Front vice hardware can sometimes be awkward to work around, especially when working on end grain. A shoulder Vice allows clear and positive clamping if flat pieces, against the flat front of your workbench, without the racking present in front vices.

The improved design of these new bench hardware components is obvious, compared to many other on the market. More cast around the walls of the threads and support rails and much finer casting and finish will be sure to give you years of trouble-free use.

Perfect for front or end bench mounting
Shoulder vice allows uninterupted clamping against front (or end) or bench, without racking
Swivelling foot allows clamping of irrecular shapes
Removable foot allows custom jaws to be added with ease
Solid flat top ground 30mm thread x 220mm long

Handlle and bench not included

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