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  • WL-900H - DIY Wood Lathe MC900 3/4HP

WL-900H - DIY Wood Lathe MC900 3/4HP

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Features & Benefits

* 3/4HP induction motor
* Split pulley system produces variable speed range
* MT2 morse taper
* M30 x 3.5 spindle thread
* 10mm hole through headstock

This model has several Carbatec requested enhancements. While they raise the cost slightly they are well worth it;
- An Aluminium finned motor body for better cooling over long periods of use.
- An M30 thread spindle rather than the factory standard 1 inch by 10 TPI. We have many accessories for the more popular M30 spindle thread. We have very few accessories for 1 inch by 10 TPI.

Perfect for the beginning or budget-conscious woodturner.

The speed is variable via a split pulley system that allows the spindle to run between 500 to 2000 rpm. While the motor is running, turn the handle, allowing the pulleys to separate giving a different belt ratio, therefore changing the speed of the spindle. This is done easily and is an economical way to produce variable speed. The headstock can be rotated an impressive 360°, with 4 locking positions, allowing outboard turning. The cast iron bed has a smooth ground surface allowing the banjo and tailstock to move easily along its length. For outboard turning you will need to reposition the banjo and tool rest accordingly.

Both the headstock and tailstock have a No. 2 morse taper, allowing popular turning accessories to be used.

This unit also includes pressed metal legs with pressed metal tool tray, 300mm tool rest with two piece articulated banjo, face plate, drive centre, revolving centre and hollow tailstock. All the kit you need to get started in the rewarding hobby of woodturning. A reliable motor is supplied with alloy-constructed cooling fins to provide cooler running.

Product Specifications
Brand Carbatec
Gross Weight 80Kg
Headstock Movement Swivels
Hole Through Spindle/Tailstock 9mm
Tailstock Morse Taper #2 MT
Indexing Positions None
Max Distance Between Centres 840mm
Headstock Morse Taper #2 MT
Motor 0.75 Hp Induction (Aluminium Body), 10A plug
Spindle Thread M30 x 3.5TPI
Swing Over Bed Capacity 300mm diameter. The swivel head allows greater sizes within reason.
Workshop Footprint 1600mm x 400mm x 112
Shipping Weight 85kg
Speed Adjustment Variable Speed Lever
Speed Range (RPM) 500-2000
Warranty Period 1 Year

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