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  • Veritas Carvers Vice
  • Veritas Carvers Vice
  • Veritas Carvers Vice

Veritas Carvers Vice

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Veritas Code 05G20-01

A good carver's vise should be adjustable in all three axes. This one has full rotation in two axes and 3inch of height adjustment in the third axis. But more important; it has controlled release; when you relieve the clamping pressure; a combination of internal springs and o-rings provides residual resistance so that your work does not suddenly fall or rotate.

You can reposition the work and adjust it exactly to your liking without needing three hands. The vise can be bolted directly to a bench or clamped in any standard vise; the base has two flats on it. Alternatively; the vise can be side or top mounted through any standard 3/4inch dia. dog hole using the auxiliary rod/sleeve/wing-nut assembly; usable on benches from 5/8inch to 4inch thick.

Finally; the body is arched to let work overhang the edge of a bench when top mounted; giving maximum flexibility of use. Included is a 3-1/2inch dia. by 1/2inch thick mounting plate with a steel rod.

For quick interchange of work pieces; spare 3-1/2inch dia. mounting plates are available.

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Made in Canada

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