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  • Veritas Wonder Dog 3/4in x 6in
  • Veritas Wonder Dog 3/4in x 6in

Veritas Wonder Dog 3/4in x 6in

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Veritas Code 05G10.01

Wonder Dog clamps - you have to wonder why nobody thought of them before and then wonder if you can get along without them. At 6-1/2inch long; the versatile Wonder Dog clamp can be used anywhere you can drill a 3/4inch hole. It makes it easy to clamp curved work and irregular shapes. Since the dog head has two screw holes; any shape of tip can be cut with a scroll saw and quickly attached for specialized work; giving good control without marring work. Using a Wonder Dog in combination with a standard round bench dog; you can make a clamp of any length by drilling 3/4inch holes in a 2 x 4; 2 x 6; etc. Two pieces of plywood with 2 x 4s between them for spacing can be drilled in a pattern to provide clamping for curved work and an infinite variety of other shapes. At the lowest projection; only 5/8inch (16mm) of the dog head is above the bench. The swivel handle lets you apply ample clamping pressure in any position. The dog is drilled and tapped at a 3 degree angle to ensure that work is held tight to the bench.

Made in Canada.

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