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  • Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil 500ml

Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil 500ml

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A durable sealing and finishing oil formulated from pure natural plant and wood oils- the major component being genuine unmodified tung oil.

Designed to cause minimal darkening/ yellowing whilst still providing natural colour/ character enhancement.

- Nourishes Preserves and Moisture Seals
- Environmentally and User friendly
- When cured is both Food and Child safe
- Will not skin or gel in the can (providing contaminates are not introduced into the can)
- When cured impervious to water, heat, alcohol and mild acetones
- A Natural Alternative to Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Water based Oils
- Australian Made


Woodworking, Wood crafting, Musical Instrument, Furniture and Cabinet making.

Recommended for areas where timber is subject to regular wear and tear plus creates a water resistant surface when cured.

Internal (only); bench-tops, kitchen cabinetry table- tops, bar-tops, chopping boards, bowls, food serving utensils and toys i.e. areas that come into contact with liquids. Ideally suited to lathe work as well as flat sanding.

Following the advocated “Burnishing (Wet Sanding) Technique” helps ensure greater hardening of this Oil above and below the surface as well as delivering a quality patina/sheen and better surface endurance.

With modest preparation and application effort you will achieve a, matt finish. Should you conduct finer preparatory sanding and advised friction-on-application/buffing procedure, high satin results are achievable.

For best quality results on furniture and craftwork dry-sand through the grits to 600 grit Wet and Dry paper by hand or 400 grit by machine (Commencing grits are relevant to original surface supplied).

Available in:

1 litre
2 litre
4 litre
10 litre


1st coat 12-14 SqMtrs/Ltr.
2nd coat 16-18 SqMtrs/Ltr

1st coat 7-9 SqMtrs/Ltr.
2nd coat 10-12 Sq Mtrs/Ltr

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