• Comb Thin Kerf 184mm 24Teeth 1.3Kerf

Comb Thin Kerf 184mm 24Teeth 1.3Kerf

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271.184.24H - Ultra ITK rip & crosscut blades allow you to produce excellent finish cuts in the shop, on the job site or wherever quality cuts are critical.

With Micrograin carbide teeth, anti-kickback design and Tri-metal brazing, these blades deliver high performance with a minimum of stock removal, meaning there's less stress on the blade and on your saw.

Please note: thin kerf blades will require modified riving knives on most table saws to suitably match the thinner kerf of the blade.

Product Specifications;
Brand CMT
Blade Diameter 184mm
# Teeth 24
Blade Kerf 1.7mm
Bore 20mm
Grind 10° ATB (ß)
Hook Angle 20°
Plate Thickness 1.1mm

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