• Replacement Blade to Suit Z-15006

Replacement Blade to Suit Z-15006

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Blade for Z-15006 Japanese Crosscut Carpenter Saw

Designed for precise and fine cross cutting in solid wood.

Blade is flexible enough to allow flush cutting of dowels; etc.

These saws are hardened through the "Hard Impulse" treatment to increase the degree of hardness to the level of HV800-950 which is the maximum hardness that can be achieved on steel. Implementing this treatment on the tips of the saw teeth means that they are able to stay sharp much longer than conventional counterparts while the core of the blade remains both flexible and tough to prevent bending or buckling during use.

Blade length: 250mm
blade thickness: 0.5mm
kerf: 0.65mm
pitch: 1.4mm - 18tpi.

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