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  • Industrial Pro Kit  ARB-IND200

Industrial Pro Kit ARB-IND200

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$279.00 inc GST


Arbortech code IND.FG.200

Australian made for heavy-duty stock removal; this Kit includes one industrial cutter blade (with 3 replaceable tungsten carbide cutters) plus one Pro Guard.

The Industrial Woodcarver is the professional choice in rotary woodcarving. The Industrial Woodcarver blade carves the hardest and the softest wood with equal smoothness, efficiency and control. In fact, the harder the wood, the better the Industrial Woodcarver works!

Designed to fit most 4 & 4-1/2 inch angle grinders.

This purchase includes:

1 x Industrial Carving Blade
1 x Nylon Reducing Washer
1 x Clear Super Tough Polycarbonate Guard
1 x Torx Key
Assorted Screws as required

Safety Note:

As a safety precaution Arbortech highly recommends the Industrial Woodcarver to be used in conjunction with the Pro-Guard for safety measures. Arbortech cannot be held liable for any damages to property or injuries sustained by an individual as a result of negligence or use outside of their instructions and recommendations.

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