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  • Industrial Shaper ARB-IND100

Industrial Shaper ARB-IND100

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$249.00 inc GST


Arbortech code IND.FG.100

Similar to the Woodcarver Pro but featuring replaceable tungsten carbide teeth; making it suitable for use on a wider range of materials like wood; plastic; nylon; corian; bakelite; fiberglass and chipboard. Designed to fit most 4 & 4-1/2 inch angle grinders.

This is the blade only. For a full kit including the safety guard please see ARB-IND200

Safety Note:

As a safety precaution Arbortech highly recommends the Industrial Woodcarver to be used in conjunction with the Pro-Guard for safety measures. Arbortech cannot be held liable for any damages to property or injuries sustained by an individual as a result of negligence or use outside of their instructions and recommendations.

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