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  • Sorby 1/4 Bowl Gouge TiN

Sorby 1/4 Bowl Gouge TiN

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Robert Sorby Code B842G064

Excelsior 1/4 inch Long Handled Bowl Gouge

The Robert Sorby range has been designed with the connoisseur woodturner and those who regularly turn hardwoods in mind. A plasma bonded titanium nitride finish layered over traditional triple tempered high-speed steel provides longevity and edge retention.

The Titanium Nitride coating increases performance and resistance to edge wear. The cutting edge on these tools will outlast the normal Sorby HSS tools by a minimum of three fold. Spend less time sharpening and more time turning.

1/4 inch or 6.3 mm between the tips of the flute (often called a 6mm Bowl Gouge)

Chisel shaft is 9.5mm diameter

Handle is 14 inches or 350mm long

Handle is made from American plantation Ash.

Overall Length is 23 inches or 585mm

A traditional radial grind (an English grind) of 45 degrees.

Regrind to your preferred angle or fingernail shape.

Titanium Nitride (TiN) plasma bonded coating:
* TiN is bonded onto quality High Speed Steel. It provides the same advantages as HSS whilst enhancing the cutting life close to that of Tungsten Carbide.
* Uses the same traditional sharpening equipment as used for HSS
* Sharpens to 0.15-0.2 microns - HSS is 0.2-0.4 Microns, Carbide is 0.7 Microns (smaller is sharper)
* Hardness of coating; up to 85RC (HSS is 62RC. Tungsten is 90RC)

Note, when you grind a Nitride coated chisel you grind the bevel which moves the cutting edge slightly up the flute providing a fresh edge of Nitride coating on the cutting surface.

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