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  • Veritas # 4-1/2 & 6 Replacement Blade

Veritas # 4-1/2 & 6 Replacement Blade

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Veritas code 05P23.02

Replacement A2 Plane Blade for4-1/2 Smoothing Plane 05P23-01 (05P23.01)

Replacement A2 Blade for #6 Fore Plane 05P28-01 (05P28.01)

A2 blades are air-quenched and double-tempered to a hardness of Rc60-62. They hold an edge longer than most high-carbon steel blades, but also take more effort to sharpen.

The Veritas plane blades come honed with a 30° primary bevel angle and a 35° micro-bevel angle. This configuration provides a strong, durable edge that can be quickly honed many times before the primary bevel needs to be reground. Remember that the blade is used bevel down in all bench planes, so the bevel angle has no bearing on the cutting angle.

Blade only, does not include the Smoothing Plane

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