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  • Radial Drill Press 130 - 420mm
  • Radial Drill Press 130 - 420mm
  • Radial Drill Press 130 - 420mm

Radial Drill Press 130 - 420mm

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Features & Benefits

* 1/2 HP induction motor
* Radial arm allows complex drilling operations such as inline holes
* Head and table tilt allowing for compound angles
* 5 speeds ranging from 500 to 2400 RPM
* Chuck capacity from 3mm to 16mm
* MT2 tapered chuck


Radial arm drill presses are designed for complex compound angle drilling, with both the head and table able to tilt. The Carbatec 1/2 HP drill press is packed with features that makes it the drill press every workshop owner will want whether they be a hobbyist, professional or bespoke maker. With both of the head and table able to tilt, all manner of angles can be drilled.

Chuck to rear column capacity of this machine is variable from 130 to 420mm due to the sliding horizontal column. There are two columns, the usual standard vertical column that the table is mounted to, then there is a horizontal column as well that the head mounts to, allowing the chuck to be moved radially towards the column, or away from it giving an amazing 420mm column to drill capacity.

The 5 speeds are easily adjusted, by accessing the pulleys by opening the cover on top of the machine, getting the appropriate drill speed for the job. The 1/2 HP motor powers the chuck through the ranges of 500 - 2450 RPM, capable of using drill bits from 3mm to 16mm.

The keyed chuck is fitted using a Morse Taper 2 shank to the drill press, so the user can swap this out to a keyless chuck if so desired, and has an 80mm travel so it can cope with many jobs asked of it.

The large 300mm diameter table features 6 slots capable of attaching a variety of clamps and jigs easily. Magnetic fences, jigs and feather boards can be used on the cast iron table with great effectiveness.

Product Specifications
Brand Carbatec
Motor 375W (0.5HP) Induction, 10A plug
Chuck To Base 1225mm
Chuck to Table Max 700mm
Column to Drill Centre 130mm to 420mm
Drill Chuck Capacity 3mm to 16mm
Drilling Capacity 1/2" (12.75mm) steel
Morse Taper MT2
Stroke 80mm
Table Size 300mm diameter
Table Tilt 360°
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 360mm x 830mm x 1640mm
Tilt Type & Degree Table Tilt and Head Tilt, 45°L, 90°
Base size 240mm x 410mm
Vertical Column 70mm diameter
Horizontal Column 60mm diameter
Work Light Provision No
Speed Range (RPM) 500 - 2450 RPM
Warranty Period 1 year
Shipping Weight 65Kg
Nett Weight 60Kg

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