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  • Tap Tenon Cutter 7/16in to 15/16 max

Tap Tenon Cutter 7/16in to 15/16 max

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These tapered tenon cutters will put tapered tenons on the tips of turnings; dowels or rustic furniture components to fit into tapered holes; for example; legs and spindles on a Windsor chair. Use the cutter like a hand-held pencil sharpener;either rotate the workpiece while pressing it into the cutter body or you can rotate the tool while holding the workpiece stationary. Works equally well in soft; green or hard woods. The size given for each cutter is the minimum tenon diameter it will cut. The maximum is 1/2inch (12.75mm) greater; over a total tenon length of 2-1/2inch (63.5mm). Some longer tenons may require cutting the major diameter with a larger cutter and then finishing with a smaller cutter. If you have all five sizes you will be able to cut any diameter tenon up to 1-1/8inch (28.5mm) in diameter and as long as 2inch (50mm) in a single operation.

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