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  • Plano Vertical Glue Press Starter Pack
  • Plano Vertical Glue Press Starter Pack

Plano Vertical Glue Press Starter Pack

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Plano 1250 Glue Press Starter Kit

This Pack includes: 1 x Plano-20030 (1000mm) Wall Bracket and 3 x Plano 20010 (1250mm) Clamps.

The Plano Vertical Glue Press Starter Pack has 3 clamps and 1 wall bracket to get you set-up with a Plano Vertical Glue Press System. Designed for perfect joints, the Plano Vertical Glue Press perfectly balances pressure across all four surfaces - guaranteeing optimal results. The unique features of Plano are created by the ingenious linking arms,which divide the pressure amongst the four surfaces. When the pressure on the lower and the upper press-plate increases, the sideboards are automatically forced towards the wood. Benefits of the Plano System includes: applies equal pressure on all four surfaces to achieve the perfect joints , provides workshop space saving, prevents the glue from sliding to one side of the joint and easily glues very thin boards.

•Fast and easy
•Saves wood
•Less work with the finish
•Easy to handle
•Saves valuable working space
•Stronger joints
•Always the right pressure
•Unlimited length
•Furthermore ...PLANO is an excellent edge clamp. With the help of a stiff board PLANO is also a good alternative for veneering shelves and tabletops on a smaller scale.

Clamping Height (max) 1200mm
Clamping Width 0-120mm

Please note that for expansion you need 1 x Wall Bracket per 3 - 4 clamps.

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