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  • Kunz blade for #78 Rebate Plane

Kunz blade for #78 Rebate Plane

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KUNZ® – quality tools for woodworking

Replacement Blade for KUNZ 78 Rebate Plane (KU-PLANE-78)

Plane irons are made from best tool steel, hardened at approx.61 Rockwell HRC. The blades come sharpened, but should be
honed prior to use.

All planes and blades are manufactured by KUNZ in Germany.

Company History;
Since 1992 the family owned Tresselt GmbH has established itself in the research, - and technology region around Ilmenau,Thuringia.
In 1992 it started the production of KUNZ® , a long established brand of unique and distinctive planes. The line was expanded by introducing KUNZ®plus in 2008.
Tresselt GmbH is a mid-sized, family owned company and produces exclusively in Germany. Cutting-edge technology,
motivated, highly qualified employees and investment in research and development ensure that customers receive products of high quality with innovative features

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