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  • Kunz blade for 9-1/2 Block Plane

Kunz blade for 9-1/2 Block Plane

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KUNZ® – quality tools for woodworking

Standard Blade for KUNZ 9 1/2 Block Plane (KU-PLANE-912)

Company History;
Since 1992 the family owned Tresselt GmbH has established itself in the research, - and technology region around Ilmenau,Thuringia.
In 1992 it started the production of KUNZ® , a long established brand of unique and distinctive planes. The line was expanded by introducing KUNZ®plus in 2008.
Tresselt GmbH is a mid-sized, family owned company and produces exclusively in Germany. Cutting-edge technology,
motivated, highly qualified employees and investment in research and development ensure that customers receive products of high quality with innovative features

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