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  • UJK Hole Chamfer Tool
  • UJK Hole Chamfer Tool
  • UJK Hole Chamfer Tool

UJK Hole Chamfer Tool

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This tool has been specially designed to cut a neat, small chamfer around the precise 20mm dog hole made by the UJK Technology 20mm cutter, as part of using the Parf Guide System. It can also be used on the Festool MFT/3 table or any custom cutting table made using the UJK Technology Parf Guide System.

Its primary advantage is it allows full use of the UJK Technology Parf Super Dog, when fitted with its stop collar.

Secondly, by removing the sharp edge around the hole, it prevents damage from repeated insertion of dogs, clamps and other accessories.

The UJK Parf Chamfer Tool features a solid tungsten carbide cutter with four cutting edges, which can be rotated 90° when they become dull. Only suitable for use with MDF or ply with a melamine facing.

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