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  • Nobex Octo 300mm Multi Angle Square

Nobex Octo 300mm Multi Angle Square

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Nobex Octo adjustable squares come in sizes 200, 300 and 400 mm.

They are precision tools with an accuracy at 0.05°. They can be folded to save space and are made in aluminum and stainless steel.

You will never find a try square with that accuracy and certainly none that will stay accurate after years of rough treatment. The 45 mm wide blade is made from a stainless ground spring steel, and the double-sided scale is deeply etched into the metal. The handle is an extruded, gold anodised, aluminum profile with an extremely durable surface. The mechanism, which is hidden in the handle, is tested to in excess of 50.000 complete folding cycles without losing the unique close tolerance.

Every one of the eight preset positions, 0° (folded), 22,5°, 45°, 67,5°, 90°, 112,5°, 135°, 157,5°, is guaranteed to a maximum tolerance of only +/-0.05°. The accuracy will last even if you drop your Octo many times from ladders or scaffolding.

NB the OCTO300 is shown in the picture

Made in Sweden

See information sheet in downloads section below.

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