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  • Plastic Collection Bag for FM-230, DC-500H

Plastic Collection Bag for FM-230, DC-500H

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Plastic Collection Bag for FM-230, DC-500H

Plastic bottom collection bags are necessary when fitting pleated filter cartridges and useful for any dust extractor fitted with needlefelt filter bags. These allow the user to 'see' when the bag is full and are also easier to manage in shop situations as they can be tied and thrown out when full; rather than laboriously cleaning out regular cloth collection bags.

This is the bottom plastic bag only for the machine shown in the picture

Suites machines witrh a diameter of about 370mm

* Strong - clear plastic
* Allow a visual reference for bag fullness
* Remove and tie the top for easy disposal
* Supplied in pack of 10 bags

Brand Carbatec
Length 750mm
Width 585mm flat
Quantity 10 Bags

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