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  • Rockler Veneer Tape

Rockler Veneer Tape

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Features & Benefits

* Shinks as it dries, keeping the seam together while it's in the press
* 3 hole perforation pattern is easy to use and lets you see your seam while you make adjustments
* White 34 gram cellulose tape


Keep your veneer edges tight while inside the press with Gummed Veneer Tape! Includes a 198metre long roll of white 34 gram cellulose tape that measures 19mm wide.

Apply it to your joint, then as it dries, it shrinks. This shrinking action helps to hold the seam together while in the press.
Perforated with a three hole pattern for ease of use, and it lets you see the seam under the tape which allows for adjusting/tightening of the seam before the tape dries.

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Brand Rockler

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