• RING TOOL 1/2in / 12mm
  • RING TOOL 1/2in / 12mm

RING TOOL 1/2in / 12mm

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Hamlet code HCT125

With a dual bevel "High Speed Steel" ring; these tools provide a superb finish when hollowing into end grain. Flat or curved shapes can be accommodated easily.

Important notice: This ring chisel is designed to be used delicately to take very fine shavings. Using the tool for rough or fast work; or exerting any strong leverage on the tool; will inevitably result in breaking off the cutting ring. For the beginner and experienced woodworker alike; a great deal of care must be taken to use the tool carefully; within its design parameters.

This is a very specialized; well-made tool. If the cutting ring is broken off the shaft; the tool was not used properly; and this kind of damage cannot fall under our warranty program. For these reasons; beginners are cautioned against using this tool. Please read carefully; and follow; the directions included with the chisel.

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