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  • Counterbore 5/8"D x 3/16" Drill Hole

Counterbore 5/8"D x 3/16" Drill Hole

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WL Fuller's Code X3L

5/8 inch (15.87mm) cutting diameter

Designed to cut clean holes in wood and plastic. Counterbores for the flat under the heads of nails, spikes, and bolts. Allowing them to be sunk far enough beneath the surface to allow for a wood plug to be used to cover the head. Can be set at any point on a twist drill and held fast with two hex-socket set screws. Designed for clean cutting.

Made of Carbon Steel and heat-treated for long tool life

This counterbore can be mounted on taper point, brad point and regular point drills.

Use with drill size 3/16inch (4.76mm).

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