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Kreg Jig HD

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Kreg Code KJHD

Features & Benefits
* Create joints 50% stronger than standard Kreg joints
* Optimised for larger outdoor projects.
* Work with the Kreg K3 / K4 / K4MS & K5 Jigs
* Designed to work with material 1-1/2-Inch (38mm) and thicker.

* Heavy Duty stepped drill with hex type, quick change
* Heavy Duty square driver bit
* Stop Block
* Stop Collar & Allen Wrench
* Manual

Bigger bit, bigger screws, and of course - bigger projects. The Kreg Jig HD delivers the strength and confidence you need to BUILD BIG! Designed with the same tried and true efficient design and hardened steel drill guides as the original Kreg Jig, the Kreg Jig HD lets you create joints in 1-1/2" (38mm) and thicker materials that are an amazing 50% stronger than traditional Kreg Joints.

If you are framing walls, building deck railings, outdoor furniture, or any other large project, you always want the strongest joint possible; and this is where the Kreg Jig HD excels, strength. The Kreg Jig HD is optimized for working with 2x4s and 1-1/2" (38mm) thick and larger stock.

It utilizes 14g heavy duty, hardened steel screws that provide incredible shear resistance, as well as three anti-corrosion layers for incredible long term moisture resistance.

The Kreg Jig HD works great as a stand alone jig. Simply connect it to your Kreg Face Clamp, lock it into place, and take it where you need to go. Or de

For more information on Kreg Jigs, read our article written by esteemed woodworking Patt Gregory, 'Why I Love My Kreg Jig'.

NOTE - please check your local council requirements if used for structural purposes (handrails etc).

Product Specifications
Brand Kreg
Diameter 1/2"
Minimum Stock Thickness 1-1/2" (38mm) and thicker
Warranty Period Lifetime Kreg Drill Guide Warranty

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