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  • Bridge City Multi Tenonmaker **
  • Bridge City Multi Tenonmaker **

Bridge City Multi Tenonmaker **

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Since ancient times, the mortice and tenon joint has been one of the most classical joining methods in woodworking.

For efficiency and accuracy, the mortice is made before the tenon. But to avoid a loose fit, the width of kerf and tenon need to be carefully measured and marked by hand, which is complicated and errors or slight inaccuracies can easily occur. Needless to say, a perfect fit can be difficult to control.

The TM-1 aims to solve this problem. Made from anodized aluminum and finished by glass bead blasting, the TM-1 features an anti-friction surface with high hardness and a beautiful Tri-colour matte finish. This tool is a great choice for any woodworker frequently making mortice and tenon joints, such as furniture makers. Full instructions are provided and the jig is small enough to be put in your pocket so it is always conveniently at hand.

The TM-1 consists of one main block, two sliders and two locking knobs. Precisely fitted joints can be made in these three steps -

Step 1: Confirm the width of your specific blade kerf by using the distance between the orange slider and block.
Step 2: Confirm the width of mortice by putting the protruding parts of the block and the dark slider into your tenon and lock in place.
Step 3: Now use the orange slider and the block as a flip stop against your fence to achieve pefectly fitting, precise tenons.

Easy! Capable of measuring mortices from 3mm to 50mm.

The TM-1 Tenon Maker is 105mm x 38mm x 13mm in size.

* Bridge City Tool Works
* Made of Tri-Coloured Anodised Aluminium
* TM-1 Tenon Maker is a measuring jig for creating tenons that accurately match your mortise
* Measure your mortise with the tool, for direct transference to your tablesaw and a perfect fit
* Can measure mortises from 3mm to 50mm thick
* Jig is 105mm x 38mm x 13mm in size
* Supplied in a Presentation Box

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