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  • Veritas Shooting Board Tracks 406mm (16")

Veritas Shooting Board Tracks 406mm (16")

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These are straight, durable aluminium tracks for making your own shooting board.

They perfectly fit the Veritas Shooting Plane (05P54-51) or any other plane with a running surface between 52mm (2-1/32") and 57mm (2-1/4") wide. You can adjust the stainless-steel outer rail for a perfect fit to prevent your plane from wandering. Set screws keep the rail from shifting in use.

The inner rail is 4.35mm (11/64") tall. Low-friction UHMW strips in the bottom of the track let the plane glide smoothly. Screws for mounting the track to a shooting board are included.

The 16" track provides ample travel for most end-grain shooting. The extra length of the 24" track is useful for jointing work or making a two-sided miter shooting board that lets you handle any grain orientation.

Replacement UHMW strips are available by Special Order (item 25U04-01), should you ever wear through yours.

Made in Canada.


Used in making your own shooting board.
Track features UHMW glide strips for low friction planing.
Stainless Steel outer rail to set to your plane body width.
This is for a 16" track length. 24" lengths are also available.
Fits the Veritas Shooting Plane, or any plane with a running width of 52-57mm.
Simple to set up with instructions and hardware included.

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