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  • Powered Dust Mask - Hobbyist use  **

Powered Dust Mask - Hobbyist use **

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This affordable powered dust mask removes minute wood dust and composite particles down to 0.4 microns in size. The face cup is made of soft silicon for maximum comfort.

The filtered air supply is drawn through the pre-filter then through the main filter by way of a two speed battery-powered fan that slightly pressurises the mask to minimise the possibility of contaminated air entering the mask.

Fresh air is then distributed around the face cup to minimise perspiration. Used air is exhaled through the two non-return valves on the side of the mask.

The unit takes 4 x AA batteries or 4 x equivalent rechargable batteries (not included). Continuous running time on one set of batteries is approximately 6 to 10 hours.

The unit is provided with three particulate filter cartridges and ten pre-filter pads.

Suitable for Hobbyist use and nuisance dust (Saw Dust).

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