• Veritas® Hinge Mortise Plane

Veritas® Hinge Mortise Plane

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The Hinge Mortice Plane features a long narrow flat sole that offers a good base to rest upon a door edge for optimal removal of waste. With the blade able to be positioned to a depth of 1" (25.4mm) it can cleanly, quietly and accurately remove material, and while designed for door mortices, it can be used anywhere.

Setting the depth of the cutter is simply a matter of winding the screw mechanism, guiding the blade in an up or down direction, this is a fine adjustment allowing the needed adjustment that can often be required in woodworking.

Made from ductile cast iron, the plane is 246mm long, 46mm wide, with a precision ground flat sole. The large wooden knobs ergonomically positioned, with an angled rear knob to make it easier to push. The included 3/4" wide high carbon steel cutter removes material quickly, and is interchangeable with the blades of the VeritasĀ® router plane. A blade sharpening jig for the two-piece blade is also included.

Measures 276mm long overall and weighs in at 1.08kg.

Made in Canada

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