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  • Precision Square Metric

Precision Square Metric

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Veritas Code 05N35.03


This could easily become the most used measuring tool in your shop for measuring small objects and doing machine setup, whether that is the height of a blade, depth of a router bit, or anything in between.

An ideal size for cabinet-making, it has the accuracy of an engineer's square with a high degree of accuracy (0.001inch per inch of length), with all four edges are ground, and both faces are graduated on the inside and outside edges. The metric version is graduated in half millimetres on the 8cm leg and in millimetres on the 15cm leg. Legs are 20mm wide on the metric.

Each is useful not only for general layout and checking whether surfaces are flat or straight, but also for machine set-up, since it lets you measure and check for square on the same plane.

Since the legs are made from chrome plated high carbon steel, they can be marked upon with pencil for direct reference use.
The relieved interior corner ensures that the square seats well, even over saw whiskers, with the markings are etched and black-filled for ease of reading. This thin, compact square fits easily into an apron slot or pocket so it’s there when you need it.

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