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  • Veritas Inset Vise
  • Veritas Inset Vise
  • Veritas Inset Vise

Veritas Inset Vise

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Veritas Code 05G31.01

This low-profile vise is similar to a wagon vise in function; but in a compact; self-contained form for easy installation in a work surface; adding a permanent; adjustable dog right where it is needed. Designed to hold work between its single jaw and an external stop such as a bench dog; it has a clamping capacity that is limited only by the size and dog-hole spacing of your work surface.

The knurled stainless-steel toggle handle turns a 12.7mm (1/2inch) diameter Acme-threaded steel rod to move the jaw in a 101.6 (4inch) range of travel. The 12.7mm (1/2inch) tall; 20.6mm (13/16inch) wide jaw has two jaw-mounting positions spaced 98.4mm (3-7/8inch) apart; for compatibility with dog-hole spacing up to 196.8mm (7-3/4inch). When the vise is not in use; the jaw can be removed whenever you need an unobstructed work surface.

Available separately; an optional 12.7mm (1/2inch) tall; 38.1mm (1-1/2inch) wide pivoting jaw can also be used in place of the fixed jaw to clamp irregular objects against work stops positioned outside of the clamping axis. The vise installs flush in a stepped mortise in any surface at least 31.7mm (1-1/4") thick (instructions & mounting hardware provided).

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