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  • Mini Edge Plane
  • Mini Edge Plane
  • Mini Edge Plane

Mini Edge Plane

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Veritas Code 05P81.01

This is a 1/3 scale version of our current Veritas® Iron Edge Plane, which is the third generation design of a model that Veritas first produced in 1986, and is a fully functional miniature. Yes, it can be used, and is useful for fine trimming work on thin stock up to 3/8" thick, such as with small scale boxes or maquettes, it fits the hand well, making it easy to control under fingertip pressure.

The 60mm long body and lever cap are machined, investment cast stainless steel. The 1.53mm thick by 12.7mm wide A2 steel blade has a 25° bevel angle and, like the original, is bedded at 12° and skewed at 30°. The blade position and depth of cut are easily set by hand. Weighs a mere 45g.

Presented in a French-fitted embossed leatherette box, this diminutive edge plane makes a great gift for any woodworker or tool aficionado.

Made in Canada.

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