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  • Nova DVR Saturn Wood Lathe
  • Nova DVR Saturn Wood Lathe
  • Nova DVR Saturn Wood Lathe
  • Nova DVR Saturn Wood Lathe
  • Nova DVR Saturn Wood Lathe

Nova DVR Saturn Wood Lathe

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DVR Saturn.

No stand version. Please see TK-SATURN if you require a stand.

An 'intelligent' lathe. It combines the best features of stationary lathes - power; capacity and capability - with state of the art technology to make your turning more efficient; fun and safer.

Features standard on all NOVA Lathes:

Quality materials - solid cast iron throughout; Incredible power in a compact working space; great for those who need all the workshop space they can get!

The swivel head and the optional articulated Outrigger Accessory (TK-OR3000) means that turning even large bowls (29inch) you are still turning in the same compact working envelope;

NOVA smart accessories; lathe accessories are common between the models; meaning any money invested in the accessories isn't wasted if you upgrade your NOVA lathe.

New Features on the DVR Saturn Wood Lathe

* A new two stage dial to adjust speed (as well as the original up/down buttons)
* A cabled remote Emergency Stop with a magnetic back to attach to the lathe bed.
* Optional assisted braking.
* Program your 10 favourite speeds.
* Recommended Speed Guide

Standard Features:

- Fully 360 degrees Swivel head; position work where you want it; makes your turning more comfortable and saves you workshop space
- Precision Machining; Long reach toolslides; designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer;
- Extendable Beds make your lathe as long as your project requires, without having permanently taking up workshop room! (Additional Accessory item)
- Quick Action Cam Controls – precisely adjust to your requirements, fast.
- Large Capacities
- Great Speed Range 100 - 5000 rpm
- Large range of accessories
- 5 year warranty on parts, 2 year on motor and electronics

Technical Specification:

Bowl Turning Capacity
400mm/16inch onboard
740mm/29inc outboard. (Using optional outrigger accessory)
Between Centers
Standard 600mm/24inch
(Extendable to as long as you want in 510mm/20inch increments, using optional bed extension accessory, TK-55195)
Power Output
2 HP (220-240 V), 10 amp plug
Speed Range
100 – 5000 continuous variable speed
Spindle Thread
1 1/4inch 8TPI RH
2MT Hollow
Swivel Head
360-degree swivel and lock at any position, plus detent locating positions at 0, 22, 4 and 90 degree
High accuracy and easy swivel

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