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  • Flexcut Starter Carving Set

Flexcut Starter Carving Set

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Flexcut Code SK108

Flexcut's most complete carving set in a single box. It has everything you need for mallet; palm or knife carving. Also includes a SlipStrop profiled sharpening strop; a stick of Flexcut Gold polishing compound and a sharpening instruction manual to help you keep a fine cutting edge on all the tools in the set. There is even a place to store an optional universal adaptor for using these tools with a reciprocating carver. The 16 gouge profiles included in the kit are not included with any other SK series carving set.

Profiles included: SK406 #1 x 5/8", SK407 #2 x 9/16", SK323 #3 x 1/4", SK700 #3 x 7/8", SK601 #5 x 1/8", SK446 #6 x 1/2", SK428 #8 x 1/4", SK402 #8 x 3/8", SK702 #8 x 11/16", SK703 #9 x 9/16", SK602 #11 x 1/16", SK725 #11X x 3/16", SK927 #11X x 1/2", SK317 45 deg. x 5/32", SK403 70 deg. x 3/8", SK754 7/8" Back Bent.

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