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  • Small Block Plane Tote

Small Block Plane Tote

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Veritas Code 05P22.17

While investigating the development of a #3 smoothing plane; Veritas realised that their existing low angle block plane had the same base size and 12 degrees bed angle. So; rather than offering an entirely new plane; they designed a vertical tote that - when coupled with an replacement large front knob - lets the low-angle block plane function as a #3 bevel-up smoothing plane. By adding high-angle blades in 38 degrees and 50 degrees bevels; you can use the plane to work difficult wood grains. The vertical tote provides a comfortable; firm grip for greater leverage and with the tall knob you can bear down quite heavily on your work. Totes are available in a small or large size to suit your hand size. The small tote is the ideal size for children or for those with small hands or less strength.

Small Tote (rear handle) only, does not include the block plane.

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