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  • Microjig 'Microdial' premium taper cutting jig *

Microjig 'Microdial' premium taper cutting jig *

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Safety is one the most important thing to consider when doing any work with machines or power tools. MicroJig have done it again, this time to cut tapers.

The fence on a tablesaw always needs to be parallel to the blade and track, the Microdial jig runs against the fence, and holds the workpiece at any degree up to 10 degrees.

For those regularly cut tapers of the same size, set either of the MemoryLocks so that this angle is pre-set, so each time it is needed, it is there ready to be used again.

For those rough sawn pieces that do not have a straight edge, the Trailing Block is mounted at the rear of the jig to act to push to the workpiece through past the blade to give that straight edge.

This is the best jig on the market that offers a fast, accurate cut that is safe at the same time.
Made in the USA.

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Brand MicroJig

NOTE - machine safety guards should always be used where fitted.

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