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  • O1 Blade To Suit Record/Stanley #4 #5 Planes - 50.8mm

O1 Blade To Suit Record/Stanley #4 #5 Planes - 50.8mm

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Veritas Code 05P31.23

Veritas now offers high quality blades to suit Record and Stanley planes - 51mm (2") 01 Blade Suit #4 #5 to suit Record/Stanley Planes.

These have a flatness tolerance on the face of 0.0127mm or less. Standard blades were 2mm thick, the Veritas replacement blades are 25% at 2.5mm to aid in reducing chatter.

All of these blades are 178mm long with a 30° bevel and will fit directly to most planes. With different manufacturing variations over the last several decades, the pawl on the end of the lateral adjust lever may need filing on old planes to fit.

Blades are available in all A2, O1 or PM-V11® tool steel.

- A2 blades will hold its edge longer, however is more difficult to sharpen and hone.
- O1 blades are easier to sharpen and hone, but will dull quicker, so will require more sharpening.
- PM-V11® blades possess the best qualities of both by having good edge retention, and is easy to sharpen and hone.

Product Specifications
Brand Veritas
Blade Width 51mm

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