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  • CMT Beading / Ovolo Bit 25.4mm rad 1/2 in

CMT Beading / Ovolo Bit 25.4mm rad 1/2 in

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CMT Code 827.754.11

CMT put the work capacity of several different bits all in one. The perfect bit for furniture makers; the CMT ovolo allows you to make beautiful beadwork and veins. Use these bits on automated router system or with a fence to produce a wide variety of single and double profiles and round overs like those illustrated below; by simply adjusting the height or depth of the cut.

Safety tips - Make sure that you never rush a job when using a large profile bit. Also; mill pieces with a fence mounted on the worktable to ensure maximum protection.

Product Specifications
Brand CMT
Shank 1/2 inch
Cut Length 33.3mm
Cut Radius 25.4mm
Diameter 63.5mm

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Limited Stock