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  • Rockler Heavy Duty Clamp Rack
  • Rockler Heavy Duty Clamp Rack

Rockler Heavy Duty Clamp Rack

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Features & Benefits

* Accepts 12 clamps total (6 on each side), each up to 60'' long
* Each slot can accept either a pipe clamp or a parallel clamp
* Fits majority of pipe and parallel clamps on the market
* Made of sturdy 12 gauge galvanized steel
* Narrow, space-saving footprint


At 317mm H x 228mm W x 450mm D, and able to hold 12 clamps, 6 on either side, there should be no excuse for bar or pipe clamps taking up valuable space somewhere else like leaning up against the wall, on the bench or shelf. Such a huge effort for such a small amount of space used.

Made of 12 gauge steel (approx. 2.8mm), with an angle support to give more than ample strength to hold the weight of up to 12 clamps, all up to 1524mm (60").

Product Specifications
Brand Rockler

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