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  • Swansdown Mop 50 fold 100mm dia

Swansdown Mop 50 fold 100mm dia

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These genuine Swansdown mops are made right here in Australia and are one of the best ways we have found to put a brilliant wax finish onto timber especially if you are using our EEE-Ultra Shine; Traditional Wax or both. They also work extremely well with Shellawax and Shellawax Cream. Using one of these mops can cut the time it takes to buff a wax finish to a matter of seconds; depending upon the size of the work to be buffed. A tabletop will only take a couple of minutes easy work with the 100 fold buff compared to around 15 minutes or more of arm wrenching; back aching hand rubbing. It will leave a much nicer shine on the timber because it is working with the grain rather than putting swirls on the surface that you would get from using a lambs-wool; which works with a circular motion. These mops also work much cooler than a lambs-wool buff in a drill or angle grinder; making them much safer to use on surfaces that may be effected by heat. Suitable for attachment to lathe spindles via screw chuck; etc (not included)

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