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  • Magsquare 30mm

Magsquare 30mm

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Imagine a strong clamp that turns on in an instant; won't damage the wood surface and mounts anywhere on a steel table. MagSquare general purpose workholding squares are a tool every woodworker will want in their tool box. Clamping and controlling work on a steel table is now faster; easier and safer....with Magswitch technology. A simple half-turn locks the MagSquare to any ferrous surface. Use MagSquares as guides or positional stops for workholding. MagSquare is more versatile than clamps; faster and easier to use! Simply twist knob on / off to apply or release super strong magnetic grip. Secure workholding anywhere on a steel table! Pre-tapped mount holes (M5 or M6) on all 4 sides for mounting tools or jig fixtures. MagSquares have 90 degree corners for squaring applications and an extremely strong hold. Specifications: 30mm MagSquare; (40 Long x 40 Wide x 36mm Thick) 50mm MagSquare; (75 Long x 52 Wide x 64mm Thick).

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